A knowledge exchange and networking project with MOBA network funded by FundACTION RETHINK grant 2020.

Co-Hab Athens, as a collective, we are particularly inspired by the fact that the members of the MOBA Housing Network have developed and started implementing pilot cooperative projects in Central and South-East Europe, where lack of collective housing solutions and public housing policies are a common challenge as in the Greek context.
We have been following the efforts of MOBA since its initial steps, and through this grant, we aim to strengthen our connection with the MOBA Network and exchange practical knowledge with its members.

As part of this knowledge project we aim to share 1:1 video discussion/interviews with key people from the participating cooperatives, in order to better understand how they’re working towards implementing collaborative housing projects in their respective cities, discuss their challenges, and ways that those are being overcome.
Finally, we aim to invite members of MOBA to Athens for a knowledge exchange workshop, where we can explain the local context and get their input and ideas on addressing specific challenges.

Stay tuned!