Workshops, knowledge exchange and more

Toolkit for Cooperative and Collaborative Housing in Greece
Developement of a business plan tool and an informative booklet on how to initiate a coop housing project in Greece.
Funded by Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Greece

CoHab meets MOBA
knowledge exchange program with MOBA housing coop members.
Funded by FundACTION 2020

Workshop on Cooperative Housing
ENHR 2019 conference, with the collaboration of the Collaborative Housing ENHR working group and the Co-Lab Research team
August, 2019, Athens

Exarchia Participatory Workshop
A year- long common initiative of CoHab Athens and Exarchia residents’ committee

Co-housing Practices/Inventing prototypes for Athens”
a 4-days workshop & ongoing archive at the Greek Pavilion #ThisiisACo-op,
15th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia,

Artistic Practices: Housing as Social Agreement
an exhibition-archive of artistic practices around the notion of housing as part of CoHab’sVenice Biennale workshop