4-days workshop & ongoing archive

26-28 October   Seed talks, discussions & parallel workshops
30 October           Summary- outcomes & discussion

26 October- 27 November   Ongoing archive of artistic practices: Housing as a Social Agreement

Organized by
Co-Hab  Athens, NetHood (Zurich),  INURA Zurich  & INURA Athens

Hosted by #ThisIsACo-op Greek Pavilion, Giardini, 15th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia

Supported by the Association of Greek Architects (curator of the Greek Pavilion) & MAZI project


The 4-days workshop on co-housing practices brings together urban practitioners and members of co-housing projects from Zurich, Leipzig and Athens to share their expertise, collaborate and examine the prospect of a realistic implementation of co-ownership models in Athens.

Our aim is to address the issues currently at stake in Athens such as the transforming housing needs, the degradation of urban fabric, the social protection of the new middle-low class and their right to the city; to explore ways of urban resistance to massive speculative real-estate development in the center of the city through paradigms already tested abroad. We aspire that this procedure of knowledge-sharing and common work will establish long-term collaborations and networks.

The meeting is organized in morning sessions where participants discuss and reflect on existing co-housing projects, their socio-political framework, their implementation process and the challenges faced through time, and in afternoon workshops that focus on specific case studies in Athens. Every morning session will be framed around a specific thematic area (ownership, decision-making, sharing space, vision) for which we will try to abstract concrete ideas and knowledge to be used for the possible future cases of co-housing in Athens which will be worked in detail in the afternoon workshops.

An overall presentation, followed by an assembly-discussion, will take place on Sunday 30 October, during which we will sketch a realistic scenario of instituting protocols for common ownership and co-living practices in Athens and a few concrete future steps.

In the frame of the workshop there will be exhibited the ongoing archive “Artistic Practices:  Housing as social agreement” aiming to unfold a cartography of approaches to the notion of the house, investigate and challenge the ways in which housing is not only imagined, but also effectuated by artists and further point out the ways in which forms of cultural production can be reclaimed as tools to design, defend and reinvent social space.



Kalkbreite –
NeNa1 –
Miethaeuser Syndikat


Panayotis Antoniadis, interdisciplinary researcher,  NetHood, Zurich
Ileana Apostol, architect and urbanist, NetHood ,Zurich
Tobias Bernet, anthropologist and historian, co-founder Central LS housing cooperative, Leipzig / Berlin
Thomas Dimov, architect, Zurich
Sofia Dona , architect & artist, project AKINITO, Athens
Elisavet Hasa, architect, Co-Hab Athens
Tonia Katerini, architect,  STOP AUCTIONS network, Athens
Philipp Klaus, economic and social geographer, INURA Zurich Institute, Zurich
Jens Martignoni, researcher, NetHood, Zurich
Stelios Minotakis, architect, Co-Hab Athens
Rayelle Niemann, artist , Wogeno resident, Zurich
Vassiliki – Vicky Panagiotopoulou, architect MA, Less is More, Athens
Thomas Raoseta, architect, NeNa1 and 5im5i, Zurich
Dimitra Siatitsa, architect- researcher, INURA Athens
Constantina Theodorou, architect-researcher, Co-Hab  Athens
Andreas Wirz, architect, partner Archipel GmbH , co-founder KraftWerk1 ,Board Wohnbaugenossenschaften Zürich, Board WOKO

Ongoing archive

Curated by
Giorgos Papadatos & Sofia Dona

Featured works by
Rebecca Agnes / Jonas Dahlberg / Giorgos Gyparakis / Tea Mäkipää / Artemis Potamianou / Kostis Velonis / Erwin Wurm / Angela Ferreira / Eugenio Tibaldi / Yiannis Theodoropoulos / Mona Vatamanu Florin Tudor / Giorgos Papadatos / Dorit Margreiter / Errands / Taysir Batniji / Kimsooja /  Michael Rakowitz / Nicos Charalambidis /  Róza El-Hassan / Tudor Bratu / Teddy Cruz / Raumlabor / Ahmet Öğüt / Sofia Dona / Marjetica Potrč  / Zafos Xagoraris / Rick Lowe Project Row Houses /


WEDNESDAY 26 OCTOBER | Day 111.00-13.00 Co-ownership and vision
Discussion on existing initiatives focusing on:
Needs and motivation/ individual incentives and preferences/ collective decisions/ addressed needs
Context/  the socio-political framework of each urban context/ existing mentalities on co-housing
Vision/ ”big ideas”  and storytelling

Seed talks
Andreas Wirz Cooperative Housing in Switzerland. Recent examples.
Tobias Bernet Vacancy vs. shortage: Founding new housing cooperatives under different conditions
Constantina Theodorou   Cheap & Empty- The particularity of Athenian “housing crisis

15.00-18.00 Workshop: Case studies for Athens
Presentation of possible future case studies:
Panayotis Antoniadis A NeNa1-like project in Athens?
Sofia Dona AΚΙΝΙΤΟ project
Co-Hab Athens project
& detailed taxonomy of characteristic case studies, building types, and ownership models / presentation of the research-area
Selection of case studies to work in groups the next days.

11.00 -13.00 Living together and dealing with change
Discussion on existing initiatives focusing on:
Community Building/ co-op members and residents/ space, ideas and time-sharing  residency /transforming needs through time/
The art of negotiation/ negotiating with future co-habitants/ conflict resolution / assembly methods /
Reshaping  interiors/  60s mass modernism revisited/ common domesticity values/ participatory design/

Seed Talks
Philipp Klaus
Participatory practices in housing co-operatives
Thomas Raoseta Individuals forming a collective neighborhood
Ileana Apostol Integrated housing and neighborhood development
Elisavet Hasa Tools, tweaks and techniques of configuring collective initiatives and social production in Greece
Thomas Dimov CoLivingLab: a living lab for experiencing and learning about cohousing and coworking practices

15.00- 18.00 Workshop
Parallel working groups on the case-studies in Athens, with a focus on the themes of the day.

11.00-13.00 Tools and protocols
Discussion on existing initiatives focusing on:
Legal framework/  international alliances/  structural organization/ legal innovation/ soft law and corporate techniques/
Project management/  project building step by step
Funding / financial tools/
Labour/ Relocalizing production
/ the relationship of work and local production/

Seed Talks
Dimitra Siatitsa
The Greek housing system and perspectives for collaborative housing projects
Tonia Katerini   Struggles against red loans and collective solutions from homeowners’ view
Jens Martignoni Advanced economically integrated cooperatives, role of money in cooperatives.
Stelios Minotakis  Possible tools in the building regulation

15.00- 18.00 Workshop
Parallel working groups on the case-studies in Athens, with a focus on the themes of the day.

11.0-12.00 Outcomes of case study workshops
12.00-13.00 Presentation of new projects
Philipp Klaus
The INURA co-op initiative
Giorgos Papadatos & Sofia Dona Artistic practices: Housing as social agreement

15.00-18.00 Assembly –discussion: next steps, future plans, networking

The workshop is part of an ongoing collaboration initiated in 2016 between Co-Hab Athens, Nethood and Project AKINITO towards the implementation of co-housing projects in Athens.   The workshop will be documented and transferred as an exhibition back to Athens.

Project AKINITO, concept-organized by Sofia Dona, Athens Biennale, 29 May 2016, Athens
Sharing ideas for sharing space, organized by NetHood and INURA Zurich Institute, 25-27 July, Zurich
MAZI workshop at INURA conference, 3-7 September, Bucharest

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Co-Hab Athens
Inura Zurich Institute

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