CoHab Athens participates in the scientific conference : PARTICIPATORY DESIGN: CITY, ENVIRONMENT & CLIMATE CHANGE. EXPERIENCES, CHALLENGES & POTENTIALS organised by Participatory Lab
that takes part 19-21 at Serafio, Athens

Our presentation “CoHab meets MOBA: knowledge exchange on cooperative housing in Central and SE-Europe” will be on Saturday 20/11/2021, 17.00- 18.30, at 2.4.1 Projects Area, Track 04


MOBA Housing SCE (European Cooperative Society, opens a new possibility of housing for a wide range of people who currently cannot afford to buy an apartment, but would join in a more affordable approach to it: young people who want to become independent, people facing housing insecurity, as well as those who are looking for a community in which they could live differently. MOBA now breaks ground with a novel cooperative approach in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

CoHab Athens (  is an open group created in 2016, as an exchange platform for urban researchers, activists and anyone interested in claiming housing as a right and exploring alternative housing models through self-management and collective ownership. Drawing inspiration from various cooperative housing models from abroad, we are exploring the potential of developing similar cooperative housing projects in Athens, through participatory research processes, in collaboration with groups of residents, researchers and inhabitants of existing projects.

“CoHab meets MOBA” is a project that intends to bring these two initiatives together. Through this project, we aim at strengthening CoHab’s connection with the MOBA network, and exchange practical knowledge with MOBA members in order to work towards implementing a realisable pilot project in Athens.The project coincided with the pandemic, impeding the implementation of the initial project plan that included study visits in the different cities developing alternative cooperative housing models under the MOBA umbrella. Instead, we collaboratively produced short presentation videos for each project, based on online interviews with MOBA and Cohab members. A final open knowledge exchange workshop will be -hopefully- organised in Athens in order to present and discuss with a broader audience alternative cooperative housing models.

Full program here:

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